What to Expect ~ Policies & Procedures 

It’s not every day that we plan a portrait session, so I’m sure you have plenty of questions. Feel free to contact me at any time to help plan your custom portrait session – in the meantime, I have gathered some of my most frequently asked questions below.


~ "How do I prepare for the session?" ~

We’ll work together to figure out the details of your session - the who, what, when where and why. All sessions are custom designed to fit your needs. Love the sunset look, but your kids are in bed at 6:30pm? Let’s pick an early morning time instead. Need a mid day session but – eek! The sun is so bright overhead! – let’s look for a nice shady location that can still work.

After we’ve worked out the details, an invoice and photography agreement are sent via email. Deposits are required and are the only way to guarantee your selected date and time.

Because most of my sessions are outdoors, we may need to create a back up plan due to weather concerns. As the date approaches, we will be in contact to work out a plan – a different location or a different date all together.


~ “What should I wear?” ~

One of the top questions I get asked is what my family should wear to their portrait session. People have heard all sorts of things over the years about what they should or shouldn’t wear to a photo shoot and most of it isn’t accurate information.

As your portrait session approaches, I will send an email with detailed information about how to choose the right clothing. In the meantime, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Family Portraits

·    Be comfortable! Trying to put your kids in dresses, ties & jackets – when you normally wear pjs most days – well, that’s just asking for trouble!

·    Solid color clothing helps direct our eyes to the faces in the images, rather than a distracting pattern of clothing. Solid color clothing is timeless. Muted and subdued tones, will help ensure everyone looks their best in the images. A white top with dark pants will make your top look bigger – same goes with bright colors.

·    Choose 1-3 colors for your group portrait, with similar tones that go nicely together. Ask everyone in the portrait to work within that color palette. This is why wedding group photos look so good – because the subjects are all coordinated and allows their facial expressions to stand out.

·    Take some time to choose dark socks and footwear – dirty, white gym shoes will stick out like a sore thumb! Keep jewelry, hair and makeup as natural as possible. It’s most important to make your portrait timeless and represent who you are, not just what you look like. 


·    Don’t stress about baby outfits – newborns are generally photographed naked with a few accessories to emphasize how pure and natural they are. Bring any blankets or accessories that are special to you.

·    Parents and siblings in the newborn session? Follow the guidelines above for a lifestyle photo shoot. We can also do specialized black and white images. For this I recommend parents where all black, long sleeves and pants. This allows the baby’s bare skin to be the focal point of the image. 


~ "What should I bring to the session?" ~

Be sure to bring plenty of bottles, snacks, drinks, etc. for your children - non messy is preferred! Sometimes we may take a break mid session to refresh with a snack and these quiet moments are important to regroup. 

If your child has a favorite toy or lovey that you want captured in the photographs, please bring it! Now is a perfect time to capture those memories. Additional toys are not necessary - I have a few tricks in my bag if needed to help bring out some smiles. 


~ "My child has a huge bruise on his forehead!" ~

Don't worry - we can edit that out! All images are professionally retouched. Our children and families are perfect and we want our photos to look that way too!

All photos are retouching to fix scratches, acne, minor bumps and bruises. I can also lighten up wrinkles and eliminate the stray hair out of place. Photos are also corrected for color, exposure, cropped and resized appropriately for your chosen print products. 


~ "How soon will I get to see my pictures?" ~

Images are available in about one week after your session – sometimes sooner! I know how excited and anxious you are to see your images so getting them back to you as quickly as possible is my top goal. I will choose the very best images from your portrait session, custom edit and process those 20 images. Images will be shared online in a private gallery.

Images are shared with you first, before any images are shared on social media. This means you will have a chance to share your honest opinions about the photos, and nothing is shared online that you do not like. 

Digital negatives will available for downloading direct from the private online gallery. A print release is provided, as well as suggestions on where and what to print.