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Together, we will decide on the best location for your photos. Consider a location that fits your family’s style and personality. If your not sure where to go, I generally suggest one of the Lake County Forest Preserves as the perfect backdrop for a family portrait session. Hiking trails and open fields give kids the room to run and play and capture some genuine smiles. Indoor sessions can take place in your home. Some even prefer this location as it’s truly the most personalized a session can be!



Outdoor portraits are best captured during the early morning hours, or in the hours just before the sun sets. The mid day sunlight is just too harsh for photographs, and although we can make it work, I would strongly encourage a different time of day. The images on my website look the way they do largely due to the consistent use of carefully selected lighting. Indoor sessions can be a bit more flexible, and I generally suggest late morning. Not only is the lighting typically best, but that also works well around nap schedules!


Length Of Session

Portrait sessions rarely last more than an hour. I work quickly because we all know children’s attention spans don’t last very long! There is still plenty of time for a good variety of images and even a change in wardrobe if you chose to do so.


What To Wear

Dark, muted color tones are recommended and look for outfits that are coordinating, rather than matching. Look at Pinterest for some ideas (feel free to search for my personal Pinterest board as well). I’ll send you more detailed information about clothing as your session date gets closer. I am also happy to consult with clients directly on wardrobe recommendations.



Props and trends aren't generally part of the portrait session because those things will quickly look outdated. We will spend the time capturing you and your family, the way they are today, naturally interacting and enjoying themselves. If you have props or ideas to incorporate into your session, please let me know. Activities are highly encouraged - think piggy back rides and tickle fights!


Your Children

Children do best when they are active, moving and playing – they’re kids! This is what they do!. Asking our kids to sit still in strange poses and smile for the camera – well, that just results in the silliest faces and generally uncooperative kids. Don’t stress if your child is running around or appears to not be listening. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have been working with children my entire life. I have plenty in my bag of tricks to help your kids feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. I do encourage parents to be sure children have had their naps and a good meal right before the session - as there isn’t much we can do if your child is hangry!!


Want more information? Sign up here for Caryn Anne Photography’s "Guide to Your Family in Pictures" -which includes tips and ideas for creating a successful portrait session – everything from choosing the location, what to wear, and how to ensure your kids behave! It also includes my top tips for choosing the best photographer for your family. This is Your Guide to planning out the details of your portrait session to ensure the most amazing photos!



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