Don't Wait for the Perfect Moment ~ Take the Picture

May 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Many years ago (gosh I don’t like to think about how long ago that really was!) I brought my “nice” camera to my cousin’s wedding. I wasn’t working as a photographer and I didn’t even know how to fully work that camera. But I liked taking pictures and it had been a long time since our family got dressed up for a special occasion.  

I took some snapshots – the “kids” table (although the youngest kid was in college), the parents and grandparents at the table next to us. We took some formal photos with the photographer and a few candid ones as well. My mom still has these pictures in frames in her hallway.  

What I didn’t know at that time was that one of my pictures was so meaningful that it would forever have a place in our hearts.  

Many years later, my grandmother passed away quite unexpectedly. Despite the grief and sadness, funeral arrangements were made. A few weeks later, my grandfather chose a headstone that allowed for an image to be etched into the stone.  

The photo he chose? This one. That one quick snapshot I took while we were waiting for dinner at my cousin’s wedding.  

Never would I have imagined this image would have such a meaningful place in our lives.  

We spend our day to day lives quite busy – from work, school, sports practices, grocery shopping and the occasional vacation. We don’t think to take the time to pull out the camera and take pictures every day – or even every week. Even I waited until this one special occasion to bring out the camera.  

But if we wait until the perfect moment, or wait until we have the time … well that time may just pass us by before it’s too late to even realize it.  

Are there any images you wish you had taken, but didn’t?  

My challenge to you this week … take a picture of something – anything – that you know you will treasure many years from now. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Or wait for the kids to get their haircuts. Or for the house to get cleaned. Or … whatever it might be. Take the picture and send it to me! There might just be a special portrait offer in there for you, too. ;-) 


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