Taking the Leap ~ Introducing Wedding Photography

March 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Have you ever been so scared to try something ... but then when you finally did, learned it wasn't really as bad as you thought?

I have - many times, actually. I am definitely not a thrill seeker. Maybe in my "younger days" as I drove a Mustang GT (red - convertible, of course) through the Chicago winters. It was a challenge getting that car through more than an inch of snow on even the slightest incline! 

Or that crazy water slide at the Dells. We spend many long weekends at the Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. They have one of those single rider body slides - the kind where you stand at the top and the floor drops out from underneath you and you fall through the sky. But wait - it gets worse. This slide then loops you back up in the air and backwards around yourself, essentially creating an upside down roller coaster-like loop in the air before bringing you back down to the ground in a splash pool of water. And yeah, I did it. (Just once though - that was enough!)

But afterwords you get this adrenaline high - this rush - from the thrill seeking adventures. And I don't know if anything beats that! I think it's such an amazing release after the stress you were feeling just a few minutes earlier. 

Well, that's kind of what wedding photography felt like for me. Too scared to even consider it over the past six years I've been a professional photographer. Because, well, let's face it - there's no do-overs. If a camera freezes up or a memory card goes on the fritz. Or even worse, my images are out of focus or I missed THE kiss. What a disaster, both for the engaged couple and for myself. 

So I stuck with portrait photography all these years. First families, then newborns and sports. I've spent these past six years perfecting my photography. Learning how to work the camera efficiently and gain proper exposure in the camera (no fancy photo shop trickery here!). I've perfected my techniques in posing and non-posing to get some candid moments. And learning how to interact with angry teenagers, wild toddlers and grumpy dads so everyone smiles - at least once. 

And then I took the leap. I tried a risk free wedding photography event. And man was I surprised! I wasn't nervous at all and came away with some BEAUTIFUL images

Bridal Bouquet | Racine WI Wedding PhotographerBridal Bouquet | Racine WI Wedding PhotographerBride holds wedding bouquet at her side during portraits

I have never been more excited to open up this new avenue of photography in my business. Please help me get the word out by sharing this post with anyone that you know that is newly engaged. 

To celebrate this new venture, I'm offering 25% off any wedding packages booked in 2018. And to share the love, I'm offering 25% off a portrait package for those that aren't getting married (must be booked by May 31, 2018). 


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