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Last summer my husband won a scooter in a raffle at a summer event. Yes, he really did drive it around for a few weeks before selling it. He wants to use the money to buy a golf cart, but that's a story for another day. 

My husband will always splurge for raffle tickets or give a few dollars for a candy bar and any other random thing he's asked to donate to. Defending his choice to drop some cash on yet another auction item, he would say "but it's for a good cause!" And he has said this so many times, its become a joke in our family.

This session was given away "for a good cause" - a mutual friend of ours had a child that was so very sick and was raising money for expenses. I can't fathom the grief she must be facing and can't even wrap my head around that. 

Regardless, these guys purchased my donated session and quickly arranged to use their gift certificate. We met in Wadsworth IL for this portrait session. Mom and I hit it off immediately with a mutual love for LuLa Roe leggings & our husbands share the same name!

They last time they had family photos taken these girls were just toddlers. They were having an amazing time running around, dancing and playing (probably because they didn't need to wear their hats and coats on this chilly day!).

Twin Sisters | Wadsworth IL Family PhotographyTwin Sisters | Wadsworth IL Family PhotographySisters smiling at the camera

Twins Laughing | Wadsworth IL Family PicturesTwins Laughing | Wadsworth IL Family PicturesGirl smiling at camera & Dad tickling his daughters

Family of Four | Wadsworth IL Family ImagesFamily of Four | Wadsworth IL Family ImagesFamily of four stands on bridge smiling at camera

Twins Dancing | Wadsworth IL Family PhotographyTwins Dancing | Wadsworth IL Family PhotographySister smiling at camera and dancing with her twin on a bridge

Family of Four on Bridge | Wadsworth IL Family PortraitsFamily of Four on Bridge | Wadsworth IL Family PortraitsMom and dad sit with their twin daughters in the middle of a bridge

Family Fun | Wadsworth IL Family PhotosFamily Fun | Wadsworth IL Family PhotosMom, Dad and twin daughters walking across a bridge and wearing Mickey Ears

Twins Dancing | Wadsworth IL Family PhotographyTwins Dancing | Wadsworth IL Family PhotographyTwin sisters dancing and spinning on the bridge

And what else is amazing is that this mama already has her images printed and on the mantel!

Mantel Pictures | Wadsworth IL Family PhotosMantel Pictures | Wadsworth IL Family PhotosAfter completing her family pictures, this family wasted no time printing and framing their favorite images and putting them on display.

How fabulous does that look, right? I sure hope this family has enjoyed their "for a good cause" raffle prize!



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