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Redman Family 6.18.17-1Redman Family 6.18.17-1

My 4 year has been talking for weeks about updating our family portraits, since we are now a family of four. He had quite a few ideas on how we could get them done. His best plan was that I could wear my vest (which I did) to hide the remote (didn't use it) and we should use the wood chips at the Home Depot parking lot (nope) on Tuesday at 2pm (not then either)! 

Redman Family 6.18.17-9Redman Family 6.18.17-9

Instead, we asked my (former) sister in law to stand behind the camera as I figured it would be pretty difficult to get the 9 month old to look toward the camera if no one was there!

Redman Family 6.18.17-18Redman Family 6.18.17-18

Oh the stress - will my kids cooperate - how do we schedule this around nap time - what to wear?!?! Even as a photographer, designing my own portrait session, I still feel the stress!! But they turned out AMAZING and I'm so glad we got these done. 

Redman Family 6.18.17-11Redman Family 6.18.17-11 Redman Family 6.18.17-14Redman Family 6.18.17-14 See the entire set of family portraits here


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