Why use a professional print lab?

June 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So often I am asked if a professional print lab is really necessary. I know they can't beat the prices at Shutterfly or the turn around time at your local Walgreens. But here's a few things to keep in mind:

Sending your prints to a non-professional lab will produce sub-par prints and inconsistent results. The calibration of the machine and the technician using it will influence the outcome of your images. One day they might have a yellow over cast, next day might be washed out and blue. 

Check out these samples below. Look specifically at Samantha's skin tone and hair color. Notice, especially in her hair, how some images look softer and others are more harsh and full of contrast.

Professional Print LabsProfessional Print Labs

The computer I use (my MacBook Pro) to edit images has been calibrated to print at professional print labs, meaning the color profiles will match. The paper quality is superior to absorb those colors and prevent fading over the years. 

So where should you print? Check out MPix.com (not an affiliate link - I do not make any money off of your purchases!). Obviously Shutterfly and your local store photo lab are perfectly fine for your daily snapshots. But you've invested in professional quality portraits, why not invest in professional quality prints?

One more thing - if your chosen print lab has the option "Do not color correct", please select this. This means the images will be printed in the color tones that I prepared them to be printed in (or at least as close as possible). 


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