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May 02, 2016  •  1 Comment

Most of use our cell phone cameras more than anything else (I’m guilty too!). Cameras these days are built with great quality, however, they don’t always give us the images we are looking for.

Did you know the iPhone has built in post-processing tools? With an ability to adjust the exposure, color, crop, etc. – nearly any iPhone photo can become a masterpiece!

unedited iPhone imageGrandkids on Easter unedited

Check out this photo my mom took of the grandkids on Easter. The kids were playing nicely, laughing and having a great time. But they were in front of a very bright window. The camera didn’t know how to properly expose this photo, so it just took an average of the light and dark areas and made a guess. What resulted was a window that’s too bright, and cute kid faces that are obscured by shadows.

  iPhone exposure editIphone select exposure edit menu

But the iPhone is capable of adjusting the exposure of this image! Click on Edit, then click on the last menu option on the bottom of the screen – it looks like a circle with dots surrounding it. It will open up another menu, with options to adjust the Light, Color and B&W.

  iPhone exposure edit menuAdjust Light Options

Click on the Light menu and it will pull up an adjustable scroll of images across the bottom. Drag that scroll to the left or right and the image will become lighter or darker. I choose to adjust the exposure of this image +2 on the lighter side.

Edit iPhone crop menuCrop iPhone photo

Then I did a quick crop of the image to eliminate the distracting element on the left side, decrease the brightness of the window behind, and crop up close on the kids’ faces.

And there you go! A so-so image just became a great profile picture and a beautiful memory of cousins playing together during Easter brunch – all within the camera settings on the iPhone!

                             BEFORE                                               AFTER

Before iPhone EditBeforeBefore   After iPhone EditAfterAfter

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Thanks-I just adjusted the pic just like yours and it looks much better. I knew about the cropping but not adjusting the brightness.
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